Quabbalic Numbers

The Kabbala or Quabala is another example of the intelligent mind of God. Early esoteric Jews saw God as Enoch (only the 7th from Adam) did in his vision of the levels of Heaven and hell. Being he walked with God, I have always been intrigued with what he had to say. Jacob also saw that Heaven had levels much like a ladder that angels ascended and descended with continuous motion. They knew a God who was one but was of many parts, all comprised of love.
• Sphere 1: KETER; The Crown of God, Supreme Consciousness, Infinite Light & Wisdom

• Sphere 2: CHOHMAN: Father, Masculine Life Force, Positive energy, Pure, Spiritual

• Sphere 3: BINAH; Mother, Compassionate Love & Understanding

• Sphere 4: CHESED; Lord of Power and Majesty, Ruler and Authory, Consolidator

• Sphere 5: GEBURAH; Mars, the Warrior, Justice, Strength and Physical Power

• Sphere 6: TIPERETH; Harmony, Balance, Beauty, Unions, Creating, Rightness, Perfection & the Sun

• Sphere 7: NEDZACH; Beauty, Lovers, Venusian Idealism, Inspiration, Art and Spiritual Sensualism

• Sphere 8: HOD; Represents the Intellect, the planet Mercury & Communication

• Sphere 9: YESOD; Represents the Moon, Subconscious mind, Nature Cycles and Illusion

• Sphere10: MALKUTH; Represents Pain, Death, the Physical realm & Healing

• Sphere11: DAATH; Represents Chaos, Confusion, Conception & the Abyss

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